Thursday, August 11, 2005

Beauty is Truth

Vase dit de SosibiosWhen old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say'st,
'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

There are many valid statements that are not scientific, such as those often found in philosophy or the arts. Here are a few:

The sparrow falls

Claims that God knows when even the sparrow falls are not scientific claims and are not subject to validation by the scientific method.

They are matters of faith.

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At 8/14/2005 8:09 PM , Blogger gs said...

Mit der Dummheit kämpen Götter selbst vergebens. Against stupidity the very gods struggle in vain.

Maybe this goes beyond a gibe. Maybe Schiller is describing an intrinsic human limitation: no matter how thorough and smart and well-informed someone is, there may be times when, in hindsight, they obtusely fail to register a vital fundamental point.


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