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I am beginner in C3C, and I thank you for your tips. These games in your site were also great!

I currently play at Chieftain level. My first two victories were diplomatic, as the Romans and the Americans. I also played as the Germans, got a leader, build Heroic Epic and Military Academy but then I suffered a diplomatic defeat (Hrmph! Because of my chaotic relations with England, Vikings and France, my hostile neighbors. France build the UN).
I found your artillery tactics very useful, also. But you perhaps should consider posting more tips and strategies to help us, the Beginners! I play since Civilization II, but I found that CivIII was much more difficult than CivII, and some things changed completely from the original game. I was used to play at Prince and Warlord level when I saw myself having difficulties at Chieftain level! So, it`s time to learn again (I hope that Civ IV won`t be more difficult than Civ III is!). Thank you for your strategies!

At 8/17/2005 5:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, ain't you gonna reply it? Hmm... That's not good!


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