Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Humans are animals

Dissection of Human FemaleLet's not quibble over details. Humans are clearly animals.

Protists Which Move and Feed Using PseudopodiaNote that humans are members of the Animal Kingdom, that is, like sponges, they ingest food for energy and for protein, the building blocks of their structure. In addition, they have an alimentary canal, where food passes from one end, the mouth, to the other, just like earthworms. They are also vertebrates, that is, like fish, they have a bony spine Fossils illuminate fish evolution which protects a nerve cord, and a head at one end which has an array of sense organs. They have four limbs like frogs and iguanas. They are mammals, so like mice, they nurse their young with a proteinous secretion produced by special glands. They are placentals, and bear their young live.

All modern mammals evolved from a group of reptiles that lived more than 200 million years ago. Indeed, humans ARE animals, specifically mammals. They ingest, digest, defecate, copulate, nurse. They love and they hate. They are prideful and compassionate. They have hair, eyes, three ear-bones and two gonads. They are composed of blood and bones, livers and brains, synapses and cell-membranes. These are all features of life found in many other animals.

Leonardo Da Vinci